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Tuesday Update: Equities Consolidate while Dollar Falls

Equity markets spent the day consolidating the gains of the past two days. All major equity indices reached new highs above yesterday’s highs, but could not hold that level. Treasury bonds got a slight bid after yesterday’s decimation. The dollar … Continue reading

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US Assets and Foreign Ownership: Not an Easy Addiction to Break

A significant challenge in predicting the outcome of the current economic crisis is that it is global, with multiple stake-holders each with their own interests, but with a lot of inter-dependence. The intertwined nature of the global economy means that … Continue reading

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Thursday Roundup: Bond Market Leads Equities

The financial markets had a relatively sedate day with the action in the bond markets driving equities. The 7yr Treasury auction was met with reasonable demand which had a calming effect on the bond market which finally got a bid. … Continue reading

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Wednesday Roundup: The Bond Market Strikes Back at the Fed

The financial markets were rocked by an unreal break-down at the long end of the yield curve today. The breakdown was even more surpris ing buy nolvadex uk since it occurred after a fairly successful auction by the US Treasury. … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup: The Standoff Continues but Sentiment Shifting

On option expiration Friday, the equity markets followed a pattern very similar to what seen on Thursday. The market challenged the 900 level on the SPX but was sold off hard even before it reached Thursday’s highs just below 900. … Continue reading

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