MMN: For Week of April 13-17

For Friday: April 17, 2009
China Economy to Rebound as Stimulus Spurs Investment –

Libor Caps Longest Falling Streak Since November on Bank Gains –


#Economists continue to doubt Obama
Stiglitz Says White House Ties to Wall Street Doom Bank Rescue –

# Credit Crisis
Bernanke Frets as Variable Notes Strip Taxpayers in N.Y., Texas –

IMF warns over parallels to Great Depression – Telegraph

For Thursday: April 16, 2009

Philadelphia Manufacturing Contracts at Slower Pace (Update1) –

U.S. Jobless Claims Fall; Benefit Rolls at Record (Update1) –
Easter Effect?

U.S. Home Starts Fell in March; Permits Dropped to Record Low –
They need to fall to ZERO for the housing market to truly recover. Supply and Demand 101.

General Growth Seeks Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection (Update4) –
CRE will continue to suffer though this is no surprise to the market

No play on tax day
For Tuesday: April 14, 2009

# Banking

Libor Falling Fastest Since January on Credit Revival –
This can be important since a lot of bears are worried that the credit market is worsening

# Positive News From Companies
Seagate Says Sales Wont Drop As Sharply –
MetLife Says It Won’t Need Treasury Program –

# The Campaign
Bernanke Sees Signs U.S. Contraction May Be Slowing –

“I am fundamentally optimistic about our economy,” Bernanke said in prepared remarks for a speech today in Atlanta. “Today’s economic conditions are difficult, but the foundations of our economy are strong, and we face no problems that cannot be overcome with insight, patience, and persistence.

Feds may take equity stake in leaner GM to cut debt: report – MarketWatch

# Consumer: Conflicting Signals

U.S. Retail Sales Unexpectedly Drop as Jobs Evaporate –
ES Futures have fallen almost 10 points since then

Consumers finally exhaling, top forecaster says – MarketWatch

# Banking

TALF Needs Chaperon Before Investors Will Dance: Caroline Baum –
She is a good person to follow; very sensible articles

Wall Street in Wells Fargo Moment as Euphoria Meets Stress Test –

For Monday: April 13, 2009

Over the Weekend
# China continues to be seen as the country which will replace the US consumer’s spending habits
China Turns a Corner as Spending Takes Hold –
China Loans, Money Supply Jump to Records on Stimulus –

The Chinese can cook the books till the confidence levels rises all over the world

# The Germans capitulate and recognize reality
Steinbrueck Drafts German ‘Bad Bank’ Financial Rescue Plan –

# Obama is Unbeatable at Running a Campaign

Signs Point to Stabilizing Economy –
Obama Calls on Nations to Unite to Tackle Global Challenges –
Retail Sales Slip, but Outlook Gains –

End of GCC


IEA Cuts 2009 Oil-Demand Forecast – Economic Forecasting Survey Sees Job Rebound in Late 2010 –

# Not only were the homes overvalued, they were also not fit for living
Delinquency Rate Rises on FHA-Backed Loans –
AP IMPACT: Chinese drywall poses potential risks – Yahoo! Finance

End of RC