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Weekly Roundup: A Wild Finish to an Up Week

The financial markets had a roller coaster ride today after the surprisingly lower loss in payrolls reported by the non-farm payrolls report. Equity futures shot up almost 1.5%, well above their 2009 highs, while treasuries were sold hard. 0.4 flomax … Continue reading

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Wednesday Roundup: Markets Get a Reality Check

The equity markets finally reacted to the broader economic picture after the large gains of the past few days. high quality cytotec The ADP employment report which included a steep correction to April’s number, coup led with weaker ISM index … Continue reading

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Monday Roundup: Little Kim no Match for American Consumers

The equity markets reversed course today high quality cytotec in another dramatic session. on roxithromycin North Korea shocked the world (at least according to the head-lines) by testi book com guest online penny propecia site ng a nuclear device which … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup: Appetite for US Assets Crashes

This week marks a possible turning point in the current financial crisis. It seems all of a sudden the world has awakened to vpxl made easy the risk associated with the rescue efforts of the Federal governments, primarily the oversupply … Continue reading

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Thursday Roundup: Sell the US

The world market s download cure premature ejaculation by paul lain got a shock today with S&P lowered its outlook on Britain to negative from stable, a signal that the sovereign AAA ratings may be cut. allergy bactrim buy generic … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup: The World’s Best Campaign Organizer Shows His Skills

Last weekend I had written that the stress test results would not intimidate the market, and it is likely to be a buy the news event. The markets did not disappoint. vpxl made easy They bought every leak about the … Continue reading

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Euro: Time To Take Profits

During third week of March I had argued that the Euro’s spike up against the Dollar would not last and doxycycline 100 mg tablets recommended shorting the Euro against a basket of currencies dominated by commodity driven currencies like the … Continue reading

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