An Inside Day: But a Pullback is Imminent

The equity markets had an inside day

today. Most indices traded well in the upper end of yesterday’s range. The SPX formed a double bottom at the 897 level and closed strong.

However as I write this post the S&P futures are down 11 points.

It seems this was a result of a news item that Bank of America needs $34B in new capital based on the stress test results. Though BAC has declined to comment, I expect a distribution day tomorrow with traders now having ample reason to take profits.

In today’s post I will analyze two charts, one for Apple and for the 30 year treasury (TLT).

Apple: Forming a Megaphone Top

Apple’s stock has been on a tear since the rally began and closed higher today.

However today it formed an interesting pattern called the Broadening Top or a Megaphone Pattern. This is a pattern which marks a reversal at the top of a long bullish run.

If the weakness in the equity market continues into tomorrow’s session, I expect the breakdown to occur tomorrow to complete the pattern.

I commented on twitter as this pattern developed throughout the day. I noticed it forming during the afternoon and

the pattern continued to follow a text-book pattern till the close of the day. Based on the pattern, Apple should first reach a downside target of around 131.20, and then assuming the lower trend line breaks, go down to touch 130, or even lower to 129.60 (from a pure pattern perspective).

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Long Bond (30 year): Poised to Break Downtrend

As I have posted I have a long position in the TLT which I have kept during the sell-off; I had hedged a portion with TBT calls which I no longer hold.

As the chart shows for ZB, the 30year bond futures show, the price has formed some sort of a bottom and is poised to break back up.

As I write this article the futures are trading at 122’265, above the resistance line in the chart.

I expect the long bond to retrace at least to the 123’065 level (23.6% retracement) or even to the 38.2% level (124’055) before this up move is done.

If the BAC story is true risk appetite is going to wane a bit, and yields should pull back.

This is likely to be good for the green-shoots

to continue growing.

My Portfolio

I have built a short position in Apple today via outright equity shorts and puts. I expect to book profits on any weakness tomorrow.

I will also start scaling out of my TLT positions if this surge in bonds continues. I did scale out my

IYR puts today and will continue to do so on any further weakness.

I am hoping that we pull back to the 875 level on the S&P, test it.

A test of that level will reassure a lot of bulls and also weaken the bearish sentiment.

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