Tata Nano

The TATA Nano was finally unvieled today.

I was surprised at some of the negative press the car got:

  • It is unsafe
  • It is environmentally unfriendly
  • Who will supply the gas

This article in the American does a great job in dispell

ing these myths.

The folks who are talking about this have no idea about where this car will be used.

This car is supposed to be replacement for people who currently drive two wheeled vehicles.

Often entire f amilies would lo

ad themselves up on

a two wheeled vehicle. These folks are completely unprotected: a large pot-hole, an oil-slick or an errant driver often results in serious injuries.

An enclosed car, even one without Airbags, provides the safety bubble which a two-wheeler can never


Most car currently in Indian road do not have airbags too.

The fuel effeciency of this car is comparable to many of the two wheelers currently plying on the Indian roads. Plus the car will not take that much more road space compared to a two-wheeler; it is not that long (10 feet). Further most drivers are forced to leave a much bigger cushion around an exposed two-wheeler when compared

to an enclosed car.

Bring it on Tata.

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