“They said this day would never come…”

So started Senator Obama’s victory speech after the results from Iowa caucuses came out.

Polls were showing an upswing for Senator Obama but the margin of victory was much higher than anticipated.

Edwards second place showing has really weakened Hillary Clinton.

Ironic ally,

all the three Democratic front-runners were talking about change. However, Obama sounds the most sincere.

His speeches are inspirational and it is showing in the polls.

The Republican results were not too surprising. Senator McCain and Thompson both polled close to 13%. There is some whisper about Senator Thompson dropping out.

Th at should be

a boost to the McCain camp since Thompson is likely to endorse McCain.

Apart from Clinton, the o

ther big loser tonight was Governer Mitt Romney. His negative ad blitz seems to have backfired.

Governer Huckabee’s evangelical base was out in full force and made its presence felt.

The process followed by the caucuses in Iowa is quite interesting; Salon.com takes an inquisitive look inside some Des Moines precints.

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